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Sunday 14th September 2014

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Joe Anderson Snr 7th Dan
founded the T.K.A in 1973 (now Chairman of the T.K.A Executive Committee). The Toyakwai first started out as a judo club in the early 1960’s in Hackney London’s east end.
  6 of the best

8th Feb 2015 Presentation Cup Karate Championship
15th Mar 2015 East England Karate Open Championship
26th Apr 2015 Essex Karate Cup Open Championship
5th Jul 2015Southern Karate Open Championship
Date TBC SENI-15
27th Sep 2015Capital Karate Cup Open Championship
8th Nov 2015 Grand karate cup Championship

See links below for entry forms

Events 2015 form 1

Events 2015 form 2

Entry form 2015